Custom Home Design Tips: Choosing the Right Architect

modern comfortable interior

If you are planning to build a new home or redesign the existing one, you need a qualified professional and experienced architect. Every architect in Australia must show the Architects Registration Board that they are capable experts by displaying good industry understanding and effecting regular specialized development. So, here are the things to consider before hiring an architect.

Search Online

The easiest and fastest method to find a good architect is through online. Check if the firm’s website is listed in one of the top directories of experienced architects in Australia. However, don’t restrict your search to a specific area because their offices spread throughout Melbourne. Therefore, you can narrow down your search – ‘Melbourne architects’. Read more great facts on Pitch Architecture + Developments, click here.

Check the Rating

After finding several architects’ websites, now you can check the rating for each and every firm. Those with A+ rating are more recommended because they are well-known by the Australian Institute of Architects for maintaining highest standards required in the industry. Such firms also have the right information, and thus capable of making perfect designs and building clarification. Please view this homepage for further details.

Hire a self-sufficient firm

Architecture involves designing and giving guidance and advice to contractors. The entire construction process requires an independent architect to make suggestions whenever needed, without gambling around with facts. Therefore, hire a self-sufficient firm in order to stay updated about the project. Also, this will give you peace of mind because everything is under control by the right person.

Ability to give personalized results

An experienced architect is capable of producing a tailored design based on what you want. Different clients have different personalities, and therefore the architect should have the skill to create designs that satisfy each client’s needs. The drawing also should correspond to the nature of the site, without forcing some dimensions to fit in.

Contact and accessibility

Once you find a Melbourne architecture firm that has the qualities you want, ensure that the same architect remains the direct contact from the start to the end. This will help you create a good relationship, which will facilitate consistent communication throughout the entire process. A reliable architect will make everything straightforward in order to meet your needs fully.


Now you are about to make your final decision. But before striking the deal, ask for the phone contacts of the referees listed on the architect’s website. Apart from the past clients’ contacts, request for structural engineers and other builders phone numbers. Their responses will help you know if the architect can deliver what you want.


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